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Originally Posted by So Cal Camaro View Post
Smaller diameter alone will not affect the stability control on your Camaro...I ran 19" wheels with 275/35-19's which are 2" smaller than stock outside diameter with no issues. It isn't the smaller diameter that causes an issue, it is when people put different sizes from front to rear that cause an issue, so if you run the same size on all four corners, you're good, just lower in my case....
Good to know that the Stabilitrak works with undersized tires, I read that the ZL1's more sophisticated stability control system doesn't. Makes sense that the different diameters front to rear is the culprit.

Originally Posted by SPCBA View Post
i ran 18s in a 30 tall sidewall tire and it had zero affects to stabilitrak.

lots of r compounds out there the triple 8s are popular. Mr Pete at pedders likes the potenzas i think. my go to guys for track equipment advice at CMS suggested nt01 from nitto and r888 from toyo. those tires would keep you street legal
tho they wont work well in rain or even slightly cold. They also want to see me on 19s in a hoosier slick which will happen for next year.

if you are going for a track wheel and tire why not go lightweight wheels and slicks? i did the same thing you do with the travel...went 18s with falkens comp tire...good tire but wish i would have gone slicks

edited to say didnt see Mr Tony's response. If he suggests something its legit
Good question on the slicks Vs. R compounds. I was going back and forth, but settled on R compounds. Thunderhill is over 3 hours away, as is Buttonwillow. Laguna Seca is closer, at 1-1/2 hours. The closest to slicks I would run are the Hoosier R6s, and I just can't see driving those distances on R6s, based on what I've read. So I've been leaning towards the R888s, I think it would be the more practical solution.

And thanks for the heads up on the Nitto NT01s. I see they're also now available in 285/35-20. It's a shame Tire Rack doesn't carry them, because I like Tire Rack's heat cycling service.
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