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Originally Posted by Kronix View Post
Thanks for making me laugh Luke!!! It pays to marry a Doctor But honestly, I've busted my butt in the Food & Beverage biz for 30 years, so once she got done school she said, you do what you love. So now I work with a good friend in the surf industry & made some smart moves with real-estate so being a landlord has helped my modding addiction.

I meant the betting lingo brother Kurt, but hey maybe you do throw a wager or two
I just can't wait to hear the lope of the cam, it'll probably sound like that beautiful 69 you have in your garage!! Videos will follow, when it ever gets out
John, I used to wager and bet on just about anything...but found there was not much future in it for me...I can go gambling at the casino and be pretty much done before the 2nd drink is down....I get to watch the crowds that way.....
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