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Drive a G8 to see how good a Camaro can be!!!

Hey guys,
Those in he Chicago area wanting to get a new Camaro, and want to know how well you can make it handle, come on down and take a ride in Pete's LX at Modern Muscle in Oswego, Ill. Pete;s G8 is the bes handling G8 in the world!!. We know EXACTLY what is going on with the Camaro suspension due to our involvement with GM racing and he new Koni/rolex series Camaro coming nex year. These Camaros will have our Pedders parts on i. So if you can make it, get a jump on everyone!!

The boys at Modern Muscle have been working REALLY hard this week. We have done 3 Track 2s, and 2 touring packages. We do have another touring package tomorrow.

As a special note, Pete Basica will be driving down tonight with his hot G8 with a blower and a the EXtreme Package installed. This is the best handling G8 in the world!!!!!!!!!! Pete will offer roadtests for all G8 owners who require it
Pete will offer his G8 for rides and technical info. This is a really great opportunity to see what Pedders has to offer for the G8 community.

We will have lots of poeple here.

As a special note, Ryan Diem, operator/owner of Modern Muscle is scheduled to show. You all should know who he is being the most active football fanatics in with world!!

The G8 gods have given us perfect weather. To have both Pete and me at the same event is a big deal. So if you have G8 issues, you should come on down. We will do 28 point inspections on all G8 that want them.

See you all tomorrow. I am really excited about it

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