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You dare say that Nascar would put personal profits ahead of what good for the sport?
Perhaps I was unclear. Profits aren't the only consideration. Repaving the track doesn't necessarily make for better racing. See Edwards comments above.
The people who own NASCAR own Daytona. They're not going to
I'm sorry, no one (but you?) thinks that taking a race away from Daytona is 'good for the sport'. And some drivers (and the fans who watch) disagree with your assessment of repaving a track every five years as 'good for the sport'.
Since the paving lasted 30 years, perhaps repaving every five to ten years is really only good for paving companies.

With all the time wasted, a local company could of brought in some hot patch, like they do one roads. It sticks very well. though can be soft for heavy loads.
I wonder how much force a 3500lbs stock car puts on 31' degrees of bank at 190mph (1500lbs of extra downforce from aero as well)... Anyone know the radius of turns 1-2?
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