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Originally Posted by Jim968 View Post
Facts. I have extensive experience with both fluids. ATE boils in my race car and Motul RB600 doesn't. The specs prove it out:

ATE dry boiling point 536, wet boiling point 396

Motul RB600 dry boiling point 593, wet boiling point 420

If you're not boiling your ATE you're not trying hard enough
Or I have had sufficient cooling and the proper set-up

Yes, both wet and dry boiling points are higher, but only marginally. Without knowing your specs and set-up it doesn't mean you don't have another issue with cooling, brakes size vs weight of the car ect that is causing the fluid to boil. If you are within 60 degree of your boiling point I am willing to bet there is another variable effecting the temps.

What does your race car weight, what is the brake set-up and at what track or tracks?

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