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to Z or not to Z
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Originally Posted by wildpaws View Post
I thought I'd post an observation after watching the Vette ZR1 video with the in car cam on the 7:26.4 lap. The ring would have been the perfect place to show the difference between the '68/'69 Z/28 and the '68/'69 big blocks, the only place the big blocks would have had an advantage would have been the one long straightaway (where the ZR1 hits 176mph or so), but the Z/28 would have been so far ahead of the big block by that point on the track that it would not have mattered. I would have loved seeing a fifth gen. Z/28 with the track oriented content at a price point closer to the SS as it was in the first gen. Based on the rumours and speculation thus far it appears that if we get a Z/28 it will be priced considerably higher than the SS. Clyde
yea, that seems to be the (unconfirmed?) consensus.
I would just hope the base V8 would come with the 'handling suspension'
and have the Z be affordable, put the SUPER charger in the SUPER sport...
either way as some have said, they can call it a Z/28, RS, SS, ZS, S28, LT or 1LE I think we will still love it, or one of them...

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