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When Customer Service Matters – A Story

First off let me apologize as this may be long.

It is often the case in the Retail industry that when you deal with customers from a service standpoint, it is the unsatisfied ones that you hear from. It is not a case where you are not good with customers it is the simple nature of the business that good and satisfied customers simply have no need to reach out to you.
With that being said, I would like to reach out to as one of their satisfied customers.

Recently I ordered and received a set of wheels from To help shorten the story I will simply say there was an issue with the wheels. I was frustrated and a bit angry and needed to vent. Jurrian was the employee with Modbargains who unfortunately received the brunt of my frustration. But to his credit he let me vent. He worked with me to not only understand the problem but to help with a solution. What was key in this case is that it was not simply a solution handed down by the powers that be at Modbargins and one to which I had to adhere, but a solution that I was able to propose with Jurrian that was respectful of both parties. I honestly had worked up a huge lather of anger and was ready to dump if my suggestions had been dismissed, but to my surprise, they were understood, respected and jumped on quickly.
As a consumer in today’s economy (and any economy really), spending money on nice to haves such as Camaro accessories comes with caution and reservation. (Note: The nice to have statement is my trying to be politically correct, as far as I am really concerned these are necessities) It may not simply be the case that a customer is satisfied that they received a product, but what type of experience was there during the purchase process. How did this company handle any issues that may have been presented? This extra step of customer service goes a long way.

To Jurrian at, you represented yourself and your organization with class and professionalism. During the entire process I did not feel as though I was simply talking with someone interested in making a sale, but a car enthusiast who wants to see customers satisfied with their rides.
This is not a post to say that other Retailers are not providing C5 members with great service, I have worked with a few and they too have been excellent. It is merely my rant to say to all Retailers, please keep this mind when soliciting to members.
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