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Originally Posted by Trackman View Post
M/T drag radials are fine on the street and highway. I thought they might wiggle around but they feel good. The traction is awesome on the track and street. I might not put my 20's back on unless I autocross or long road trip.
Disconnect the ebrake clip support that is about a foot in from the caliper and use a a couple tie wraps to secure it back in the new position.

That is good to hear, sounds like either tire is a good choice.
Are the 305's pulled out at all on an 11" wheel?
Why I went with the 325's.

I would like to run the 18's more as well, as they ride and hook much better. Only issue is tire wear. They def show it when you are out playing around often!

I figured it was that easy, as it is only a slight rub.
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