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Originally Posted by XanthosV6 View Post
I've said before that I can't do anything except put the ghetto stripes on the production colors shots, using any combo of the ten production colors only. I'm not good enough to do wheels (trust me, I tried for my own use) or to create other colors... sorry... As for the cyber gray with white stripes, here it is -

- Xanthos
thanks that was my request looks awsome

im still trying to find out what color i want i kinda want a dark sinister looking car but i want a hot car that will get peoples attention like yellow orange red.but then i want a white car cause it looks mean and kind of like a angel car

(i guess when the time comes i will know)

Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Update...I'm beginning work on two shots of the Production car.
should be able to do most anything you want to with them...

But they won't be ready until the weekend at the earliest.
XanthosV6, WOW; just wow -- you're doing great. Thanks so much for sticking your neck out in here, I appreciate it.

sorry for being a 2 poster but can i get a white production with black stripes
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