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to Z or not to Z
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I am suprised, how many people on here, seem to be wanting the Camaro to be more expensive than it 'might' be. If everyone wants a $25,000 dollar base V-8, and GM knows that, they 'might' try to get close.... If everyone thinks $35,000 is fine they 'might' try to charge $37,000. We should expect the car to be loosely competitive with the Mustang (price) we can doubt that it will cost less, but we should not pretend to know that it will cost MUCH more than a similarly equipped (as close as they can be) mustang. If any one is fine paying $30,000 or more that is fine, but to say you are willing to pay .... ?30,$$$? before we know how much 'they' want to charge.....seems wrong somehow. I usually try to get a vehicle for less than MSRP... not just start throwing $$$$ at the dealership. As much as I want to help GM and keep the Camaro alive.... A big part of the reason we lost it in 2002 was because the mustang was cheaper ( by too much ) I bought my Z-28 new on 26 Sept 2002 for 26,000 down from an MSRP of 27679 and I got the 0% financing. I know it has been 6 years, but that car was far from base, it had everything except SS, leather, and convertable. The current mustang is still cheaper than my 02 Z-28 with T_tops and Bose/Monsoon/tilt/cruise etc... this is just me hoping that GM will try to keep the price close to the mustang, and hoping that 'WE' do not talk them out of it with our premature 'bidding'.
not intending this as an arguement or attack on anyone, just my .01 cent---saving the other one for the new Z or RS/SS

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