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Originally Posted by shaffe View Post
I think reason # 3 can get repeated lol. 427 Camaro, I don't care who you are, or what brand you prefer, 427 Camaro just sounds awesome
I am going to get killed for this but you must realize where I am coming from on this as I may be older than most on this board.

I have owned 3 cars with 427's in them and I LOVE the 427 but I would not say I am in love with the LS7. I love the late 60's 427 true true big block that would still allow for a supercharger, nitrous, additional boring, or anything else that would put additional strain on the block that the LS7 is not designed to take. My view of the LS7 is a small block pushed to the very limits of what you can do with it which concerns me versus the old school 427's that still had a lot of iron (or aluminum in the case of the original ZL1) between the cylinder walls and did not have to rely on the heads so much for the added cc's of displacement. I think the issue with the heads on the LS7 and the recommendation to NOT S/C it speaks to just how close to the line of too far GM got with this power plant.

With that being said, I get what the LS7 was built for. It was built for getting the best of both world. Displacement of the big block and the high RPM's of a small block with the weight of a small block when weight is a major concerns as it is in road course driving. I get it. I just would prefer to have my 427ci come in a package that still has a little left on the table.

Ok, fire away. Hehehehe.
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