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I think Thomson, and Livernois, and Lingenfelter, and a host of other companies can verify the fact that there is still "a little left on the table". Power-adders aside, 500+ rwhp IS available, with selected parts and a streetable tune... That number is beyond L-88/ZL1 power from back in the day, in any streetable state of tune, without power-adders. Gross engine dyno hp on well-tuned open-headered ZL1s put them about 525 GROSS hp...and 375 GROSS hp "as installed"...well under an LS3!

The '69s were credited with (stock) 13.16 1/4-mile times...on par with a current SS-LS3. With 10" slicks and open headers (and a tune), 11.6s ensued which, for a car likely to weigh 400 lb. less than a '14 Z/28, the Gen-5 ZEE with similar mods will likely match.

NO carbureted BBC of any displacement is/was capable of near-30 mpg, carrying near-4000 lb., while idling down the Interstate @ '14 emissions levels.

"These ARE 'the good ol' days' !"
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