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Originally Posted by mkorgan View Post
Not going to argue with you because you points are valid for a stock LS7 versus a stock ZL1 back in the day relative to stats but that is not what I was getting at with my post.

I don't care about mpg, emissions, or daily drivability. IF I did, I would LOVE the LS7. I am just saying that I had a 69 Camaro with a 427 in it about 10 years ago that was naturally aspirated (with a little juice) that I drove to the track and ran low 10's all day long and I only had about $11K on mods over the additional stock engine. I drove the car home at the end of the night (after swapping tires) and did it again the next week. I did this for almost 3 years without much other than changing the oil and refilling the bottle. I would find it hard to believe an LS7 could take that kind of a beating with little to no maintenance and for just over $11K in mods over the stock car.

Maybe I am wrong but I see a lot of guys over on the vette forum having issue with the LS7 when the slam it hard on a strip or even abuse it regularly on a course without lots of preventative maintenance.

...Fun topic/comparison....(I gave up trying to do my own tune-ups and mods when they went with electronic ignitions and started doing smog

...Sort of a lot of terminology similarities and ironys....the LS7 is a 427, but not a big block...ZL-1 was an aluminum big block, but for the drags only, not road racing....First z/28s had 305 cast iron small blocks for track and weight purposes....The LS7 is an aluminum block for the road-coarse, not drag races for the new Z/ good...
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