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Originally Posted by Deki View Post
If people are touting the Z28 as a HPDE or track day car, and not for any sanctioned racing at all, why spend 70K on it if all you want to do is go fast around a track and beat your own time? You can do it for a lot less money, with a lot lighter platform, with a much better suspension if you don't care about being within rules of any race organization.
I would like to know what car Dekl thinks is going to best it for under 70k?

thepill and all these pony car folks are pretty funny on that site.

This car is going to hammer the zo6 and likely anything it comes across. A "better suspension"...wink wink.

The good folks at NASA Northeast WILL find a place for it if you want to cage it and race it.

And no pill, I didn't move up to racing from hpde...I moved across to hpde from racing and I will run this on the street THOUSANDS of miles and track it hard and will feel very comfortable in it compared to my last 2 cars...keep up yer bitchin it's fun to read!!!

and the poster who said "inside info" over 70k will not post any link as expected but I think it will be higher when you see the ring time and the big bowl of crow many will be eating. I can only hope to get one.

why are there so many threads and excitement???...because some are happy and some are scared it is likely to set the bar very high for ford and srt.

"We have never built ANYTHING as mean as this!!!"...if this is a true quote from a GM engineer...well well well.
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