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Originally Posted by KnuckleBuster View Post
That is an excellent post and congratulations on the new car.

Originally Posted by Madness11 View Post
That almost brought a tear to my eye when I read the part of you first seeing the car and your dad being on the porch and then walking down and saying something simple. My dad would have been the same way.

That is awesome for you man. Have fun with her. She's beautiful. Now I must ask you. What is your first mod going to be?
I'm glad to hear it hit home for someone else. It wasn't easy writing that part.
I'm not sure about my first mod. When I was thinking I was getting a 2010 SS I had all sorts of mods planned. Now that I have the 45th, I feel like it's more of a collectors/special edition vehicle and that I shouldn't mess with it too much. I'd like to keep this Camaro for the rest of my life and restore it (if it needs it) many years from now when I get much older.
Mods I've considered are ones that are easily reversible:
-CAI (not sure which brand to go with)
-Window tint
-Tail light lens tint
Other ideas?
Maybe headers? I feel like that might be a bit much for now.

I also love the exhaust as is. I don't want to mess with it. It sounds great.

Oh and I won't be doing anything rim wise either I don't think. My old man got a 5 year road hazard warranty so I'd rather ride around on the rims knowing a $50 deductible will replace them if I need it.

Originally Posted by Sterling View Post
Congrats... great story!
Thanks! Nice mods there on your LT. How are you liking it?

Originally Posted by MY68RS View Post
Congrats.. Do you always refer to your dad as ol man?
Does he know you do this?

Awesome car.. when you are wanting to read another long post ( i read yours lol)
check out where I have been. Something you might enjoy...
My camaro story... about a 68 camaro..
I have owned 9 of them. Here is the story..
I will know if you read it if you reply on the last post
Your car is awesome bro!
Haha yes he does. He always calls me his "best buddy". I wanted to get that as a vanity plate for the Camaro but it wouldn't fit and I couldn't find a good way to shorten it. :(

And I'll be more than happy to read about you're '68! I'm always excited to hear others' stories.
Thanks for reading mine as well. I know I probably dragged it out and got carried away, haha.

Originally Posted by yzrider58 View Post
Cool story bro. Sounds like you and your dad could educate your sisters on vehicle choice as well!
Haha I think you're right there!

Originally Posted by RIPws6 View Post
Beautiful Camaro, Beautiful story! Long may you ride, my friend.
Thank you so much, I hope to be driving it for a very long time.

Originally Posted by Gigachip View Post
Congrats! And nice ride
Thanks, same to you!
Originally Posted by Lgndryhr View Post
Congrats man! Awesome story. You are a lucky guy and enjoy that car!

Side note: How are his DRLs on at the same time as the headlights?
Thanks! I'll sure be enjoying it!
I'm pretty sure that's when I hit the lock button when it was dark outside and they both came on. I was all "ooooohhhhhh" and snapped a pic with my iphone, hahaha.
Wish I could run outside and confirm that for you, but I'm a good 200 miles from my lovely camaro.

Originally Posted by insidethreat07 View Post
Good read and awesome story. Glad you have a good head on your shoulders. Treat it good and it will return the favor.
Thanks! I'll be sure to do so!

Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
Wow, I love my parents but surprises were never their thing, (besides a Nintendo64 when they came out), but this is the kind of stuff I will definitely do with my kids, I couldnt imagine a greater feeling than what you described man, even getting a 2010 v6 camaro would have excited you and he got you a brand freaking new decked out 45th SS.

It's quite a feeling and every time I get in the Camaro I'll remember why and how I got it. I'd like to do the same for mine, but that's a bit away I think, haha.
Beautiful '98 you have there by the way.

Thanks for the kind words everyone. I appreciate the warm welcome!
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