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First Mod!!!

So, I've started my first mod. I've decided to retrofit my 2010 with an NPP exhaust much like the newer Camaro's have. I really like the idea of it, it will add a sort of uniqueness to it since most 2010's don't have this feature, and it's a good way to introduce quad tips to the layout.

First, I researched what all I would need in order to pull this off. Step one was buying a new diffuser to accommodate the quad tips that I would be using since the stock rear valence doesn't allow the room for that. I used GM part number 22815277 which is the 1LE diffuser.

Next, I got ahold of a used pair of ZL1 NPP mufflers someone was selling on ebay.

I swapped out the stock diffuser and drove to my local muffler shop and had them install the NPP mufflers and remove the SLP Loudmouths that were on it so I could sell them. I think it looks way better than stock!



The only thing left to do is order NPP in a box and run the vacuum hose that comes with it from the intake manifold to the mufflers and I should have a functional NPP system. Of course it wont activate on it's own, but I'll be able to control it with a push of a button. I have yet to order that part, it's the last piece of the puzzle to complete this retrofit. I will be ordering it soon and I'm excited to see how it turns out!
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