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Originally Posted by BalogUK View Post
any new news on the exhaust issues?? I haven't had a day to take her in to Chevy but my vibration is getting worse and worse- I can pound away at the exhaust and it's as solid as can be. arrrgggh.

noted areas, so far:
1st gear from an idle stop
2nd gear from a slow crawl
3rd gear on a declerated turn; 1,200 rpm range
4th gear at 31/32 mph; 1,200 rpm range
5th gear at 38 mph; 1,200 rpm range
6th gear at 55-58 mph, most prominent at 56 mph; 1,200 rpm range
You took the words right out of my mouth, word for word. Same rpm range too. Just had my SS into the dealer on Wednesday and they said they needed to replace the entire exhaust so I'd have to wait til it got shipped to them (takes a little longer due to oversize package). Just like PQ. Drives me ****ing bat crazy.
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