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Originally Posted by Avenging Orange View Post
Lot of these cars have mystery rattles. I feel your pain. I have a metallic clank every time I hit the brakes. Like a loose pad. Checked everything involving brakes. Checked all suspension parts etc.
Last week, while driving in the cold, I heard what sounds like the same issue you have. And, yes, when warmer out, it goes away. I've given up on figuring it out. When something breaks, I'll know what to fix.
Ha... unfortunately you are correct... if and when something breaks I'll have my answer. My only hope would be that it breaks at an opportune time so that I don't lose control or have an accident because of it. But, at least I'm not alone.
The shop manager listened to a video of the sound and wasn't convinced it's a metal on metal sound. He wants me to leave him the car overnight so he can take it out cold and see if he can hear it in person. He believes something else... not suspension.... is flapping or vibrating because when I took the video and a tractor trailer got in front of me and once I got in the truck's draft it started clanging away. My argument was that it didn't stay that way the entire time I was behind the truck and why would it be less pronounced if the car was warm or it was hot outside...above 55 deg.
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