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That's how we roll. I hope you and Dawn enjoy the car.

Originally Posted by RatedZ View Post
Phil is by far one of the best tuners around. I have worked with Phil in the past on my '98 LS1 Z28 and he did an amazing job on it and over the past several months I have talked to him from time to time about finally unleashing the beast out of the wife's '13 L99 SS. I finally decided to make an appointment with Phil and have the SS tuned and met up with him to do a street tune just as I did on the Z28.

I talked with Phil before we began to make sure we discussed the current mods done to the car, as well as what kind of adjustments can be made (AFM being the big one for me). We went over all the parameters and Phil began working on the custom tune. Each adjustment I could feel the car getting stronger and stronger, and the proof in the pudding for me was when we took off traction control and from a dead stop the car literally roared to life and took off like a bat out of hell. The permagrin is certainly the result as the car literally feels like a brand new beast. It shifts better, accelerates better and overall is just blast to drive now for the power that wasn't there before is now there on command.

I would highly recommend Phil for anyone wishing to get a tune for he takes his time, really digs into the tune based on not only what has been done to the vehicle but also he listens to you on how you drive your vehicle. He stands by his work and is always a phone call away to answer your questions and best of all if you decide to add more mods he will get you retuned and not charge one dime to do it. That is customer service and why I always recommend him. He's simply one of the best and worth the drive to visit.
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