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Originally Posted by flyer08 View Post
Thanks again for the long day Saturday. I know im in good hands with Tampa Tuning no matter the tune we are working on. Picked up nearly 70rwhp (forget how much tq) since phil tuned my car with only adding heads/ported intake. Have baseline Graphs (same Dyno) before his tune (bolt ons and cam) to now (bolt ons, cam, heads, ported intake)to prove the results

After a few issues (Phil helped problem solve and find the answer of spark plug wires coming loose) we finally got the car squared away and running better than ever. Full bolt ons, cam, heads, ported intake, and zl1 fuel pump. we hit 467rwhp and hope to get it on Dyno again soon to see what it can do when the car isn't heat soaked. Will get car down to BMP soon as well to compare times.
Msg me for we will be heading down ourselves
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