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Originally Posted by DOCE 1 View Post
Hi Tampa tune,

I sent you an email with a couple questions, but I will repost here. I installed a K&N intake, 1.7/8 long tube headers, cat delete, and upgrade iridium plugs. The headers do not have a bung hole for the rear O2 sensors.

Will my car run drive with the rear O2 sensors off?

Can you tune my factory computer or do I need an aftermarket computer?

I shot you an Email saying :
You'll throw a couple codes from the voltage change with the O2 extensions, and the cats being relocated, but the car will be fine to drive. You can drive it without issues cruising and normal driving, I would just resist the urge to go wide open because it will lean out some with the new airflow, but you'll be fine driving the car to me. when your check engine light comes on from the codes, if you have the remote start option, to fob wont work for remote starting.

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