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The little red engine that could

Well it took a lot of figuring out, but we nailed it. I would to have liked to try an LLT with bolt ons first, but that didn't work.
This LLT Camaro was pretty damn cool. So to totally erase the previous calibration, we had to write over the current calibration with a different year and different VIN LLT, then write the actual vin and OEM calibration. Once we did that, HP Tuners was able to access and download the computer mapping.
we were into the car for about 5 hours and still will get more time into it once it comes back in couple weeks. Im not going to throw the dyno number out there yet, because I think there's still some more power to me found.
Before the car ran 4-5 pounds of boost with a AFR under 10.9. We were able to get 7-8 pounds of boost and lean it out to 11.5. The power still needs to improve but at Tampa Tuning we figured out how to calibrate the little engine that could.....LLT Click the picture for the video

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