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Its always good to see an Email string like this:

I talked to you a couple years back about tuning my Camaro. We had it dyno tuned in Colorado Springs. We now live in South Carolina and she runs like crap. I have attached the stock bin and the tuned bin. Please take a look and see what you can do to make her right!

My response:

To put it mildly, it looks like a 4th grader with crayons tuned it. Im surprised you noticed much of a difference.

Be careful because itís going to be a different car than youíre used to. Your transmission didn't have much done to it........ But neither did your engine, so I just converted it to a Tampa Tuning calibration.

Owner response:

You are a magician my friend! I fricking love the car now! All I can say is AWESOME!!!!!!!! and I cannot wait for my wife to drive it as she was ready to hang that car out to dry and go buy a new one.THANK YOU Phil, you saved my car!

Thanks again,
David R.
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