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Originally Posted by blazzin1 View Post
Phil just tuned my car about two weeks ago, after I had an aftermarket cam installed. He is METICULOUS when it comes to these tunes. He starts on the low end and progressively bumps up the RPM in small increments to make sure everything is at it's optimum level throughout the entire RPM range. His tunes probably take a little more time than some other tuners around here, but I can tell you, it's worth it!!! I had a very mild cam installed because drivability was important to me. After the tune, my car feels like a BEAST, has a wonderful "rumble" to it, and is still has every ounce of drivability she had before. I should have done this a long time ago!!! Phil has earned my trust and respect as an LSx tuner, and I will undoubtedly be a life-long customer any time I need my tune adjusted for new mods. I give Tampa Tuning my highest recommendation….you won't be disappointed!!! Thanks for the awesome tune Phil, hope to see you again soon….maybe after a Supercharger!!!
Thanks for the kudos my friend. I cant wait to see how the summit "all cylinders" article comes out from Pete.

The difference between me and other guys is im trained to calibrate and the others learned to tune by tinkering.

I spend a long time working the low end of the car RPM band where you spend most of your time. When I like the way the low end numbers look, I start to calibrate the WOT.

Im a professional that is professionally trained.

Enjoy the cam and have some fun in it!

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