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I just got my replacement 4.10 set from richmond, and my set also says "This gear set has been developed with a special tooth contact pattern to help this set take more load"....

This rubs me the wrong way.....

People have sent their broken 4.10 ring and pinion in to richmond for warranty purposes, and from those broken gear sets, they have figured that "it needs to be set with a special pattern"

It's nice to know that Richmond used it's customers as part of their R & D for their gears. Sure they replaced my gears, but what about the hidden costs?

They didn't replace the installation kit, that I'm going to have to buy again.

They didn't reimburse any installation fees. seeing how I have to get the gears installed TWICE because of richmond

They didn't want to reimburse any of the parts that broke as a result from their improper installation instructions (if this new pattern even works)

Fortunately for me, my camaro is not my daily driver, but if it was, I highly doubt they would reimburse any sort of rental car fee, as it's because of their defective product/improper installation instructions that my ring and pinion broke in the first place.

In case anyone is wondering, I have the back of one finger towards South Carolina right now.

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