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Well the service appointment was a huge waste of my time! I told the lady that I had a few other issues I wanted checked out (the starting issues and my passenger door does doesn't sit flush with the body) She told me that they didn't really have time to take a look at anything other than what I initially talked to them about (a/c and sunroof), but said that they might squeeze it in. She asked if I had a CEL and I said no. The lady huffed and said "this sounds like it will be impossible to're leaving it with us, right". I said I had no plans to leave it, I had to drive an hour to get there and my husband was at work and couldn't pick me up so I'll just wait. -another huff-
I then asked her if they use anything to protect the car from scratches while they work under the hood. -another huff- She said NO we don't do that. She then heads to my car and begins to repeatedly open and slam shut my passenger door. I told her you don't need to open the door, you can actually look straight down the body and see that the door doesn't sit flush. She walks over to the other side, looks at the drivers door and says in a not-so-nice tone "Ma'am, they look identical, I don't see a problem here" BTW there is a definite difference that other people have even pointed out to me. Now I'm to the point that I really don't want these people messing with my doors much less getting under the hood. So I said, "You know what, since you seem so reluctant to take me or my issues seriously, you can simply give me my keys back and I will find another dealership who's service department can address/fix my issues. She handed me my keys and walked away.
So, if anybody figures out why this starting issue happens let me know. We're gonna take a look at the throttle body this weekend and see what we find. Then I guess I'm going to see if I can find a more customer friendly service department.
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