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Originally Posted by Bad Dad View Post
Yea your right
Yeah, you'll have one for sure.

In the mean time.....

Some sexy forced induction vette upskirt shots.

From left to right. Twin Turbo Z06 w/ 4L80, first Automatic ZR1 , Carbon Z06 getting a twin turbo kit and forged block.

This is the 4L80 stuffed in the shop TT Z06. Going out to get a transbrake.

It's also getting a little 6 bolt lovin'. Fresh RHS block opened up and stroked to 427 ci with some big bore LS3 Mast Heads to see what the new DKT Twin Turbo Race Kit with the Precision 6266's can do. We are working closely with Devin to get this kit all dialed in for mass production.

The ZR1 is getting the level 5 RPM 4L60 gone thru and getting a set of the Mast heads bolted on while she is down.

The Carbon Z06 is just about done. It got a Forged 427, one of the Twin Kits with the smaller turbos and a custom Fore Innovations fuel system.

we have an April 7th rental that we are shooting for with all three cars.

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