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Thank you ALL!! This has really helped me, as i did forget how hard it is to keep a black car clean. I had a black car about 8 years ago, and me and my sister would spend hours washing it every weekend before going out for a "cruise". The black is sexy, but how sexy will it be if I don't wash it with immense frequencies??? I saw a dirty black Camaro on the beltway one day, and I just wanted to wash it for the owner . I don't want to be that type of owner..I also know that when I get my Camaro, I am going to want to spend more of my time driving it than obsessing over cleaning it everytime I see dust. I think my heart and my personality is telling me to go with IOM. I am going to do some window shopping this weekend and see if I can find some dealers that have both combinations, just so I can bring this decision to a close as far as color. Now that the 2011 info is posted, I want to be ready to order by June and maybe get it in time for my birthday in November.

I appreciate all the comments, the support, the links to other threads, and best of all the pics!!!!!
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