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Originally Posted by TrickracenLS3 View Post
Hi guys, I am in need of some help. Just a few days ago I started having a issue of power loss and a low idle, then it started to really hesitate. So I unplugged the MAF and then it ran fine. So I suspected bad MAf. I replaced with a brand new one, but it seems to be the same. Will it take some time for ECM to re calibrate to new MAF or could it be something else as well?


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I had the same issue when I first baught my car and quickly realized the issue. The air box was not sitting all the way "clicked" into the bottom and it caused the MAF to see WAY to much air and it honestly made the same low idle, huge loss of power (almost undriveable) and didnt throw a CEL right away either.

I pulled Fuses 5 & 20 from the underhood fuseblock, connected the air box properly and all was well.

I see in your SIG you listed you have a Vararam CAI. Hopefully its the NO TUNE version because if its the TUNE REQUIRED version...well...that would probably be exactly why your car is running the way it is.

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