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Originally Posted by MarylandSpeed View Post
What this code for is-

"I am offering my best price and truly want your business. However, I also realize that you are price shopping, and will likely call 10 of my competitors asking for a better price. Since I compete with many companies that are nothing more than someone working out their house as a side thing, I fully expect one of them will undercut me to try and make a sale. This is common because these types of companies have no overhead, and often will sell at up to cost to gain a foothold. Having a customer and enough money for dinner at Taco Bell is all they need.

Because of this, once you are done price shopping, lets see what you find, and maybe we can work something out".

Pretty much every vendor will go a little lower to take a sale from someone else. So if you are an established company..all you can do is say "Here is my best price..if you find lower, I will match it", and hope at the end of the day they come back to you because of your reputation. I see some people here spend their whole day working over vendors with price matches to save $25.

Sorry if that seems abrasive..but it is true.
Originally Posted by Apex Chase View Post
Very well said. Additionally, there is also the fact that dealer/distributors are required to sign Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policies that prevent us from putting any price in print other than the one stipulated by the manufacturer. That is done to protect the manufacturer from having those smaller vendors who can only compete on price running there product's value in the ground. Violating those policies leads to termination of your account so all you can do is say, "Here is the price but if you find someone violating their obligation let me know and we will crush them.". I am not going to lose a sale over price to some guy drop shipping orders from his basement while watching Judge Judy but I can't risk losing a $100-250k a year account to do that.

Thanks to everyone who mentioned Apex Motorsports as one of the vendors doing things right.
Both of these guys are spot on with those remarks. Well put guys.
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