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Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the kinds words. Ive been thinking about this all day, and I think I finally know how to say it:

This just proves to me that you dont have to spend 10's of thousands of dollars in mods to have a really bitching car... Even though we all want to spend 10's of 20's of thousands of dollars in mods! LOL

Originally Posted by YOURWORSTNIGHTMARE View Post
Congratulations on COTW!!
Great photography. I love not only the location but the lighting! Very well done.
Also glad to see a brother on here!
Yes, my truck is very jealous and upset with me right about now...

All the photo credit (The really awesome ones!!) has to go to Ddavis.

He shot these a couple of weeks back. Ive got some great tips from him, and hopefully my photography skills will be half as good as his!

Think I'll celebrate with just 1 more...

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