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i was inquireing about exhaust for my car im getting i was looking at the arh longtubes 1 7/8 with their x pipe and cat s they told me to do just the longtube s and x first because they said the longtubes make it louder and then if i wanted the exhaust to be louder than that get an axle back
i also ordered a maggie for mine hopefully i should have a car and maggie by mid july/ august
where did you order your maggie from ?
i origionally ordered from magnacharger but found it 700$ cheaper at east coast supercharging its the exact same kit and will be drop shipped directly from magnacharger to me on 7-15-09 when they are released

on the cai i would wait until all are out and see whats offered
ADM/LPE 417 with ported heads/inconel vavles gt11 cam
ADM ported maggie with 14 rib rear 10 rib front pulleys
ADM fuel system and race air intake
ADM/LPE ZR1 clutch /pedalreturn spring
ADM billet aluminum valve covers /RPM LEVEL 6 TR6060
LPE HD 241mm diff with 3:45 gears HD axles and d/s
ADM widened wheels with 315nitto nt05s Bogart 17 dragwheels CTS-V front 6 piston brakes
Pedders HD subframe/differential bushings alignment kit 27/32mm sways Supercar coilovers
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