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Originally Posted by LSXaddict View Post
You won't have to worry about hills! Chevy took care of that on 13 and newer manuals by leaving your breaks applied until your clutch is nice and roasted and then it releases you from your brakes tight embrace. This magic is called Hill Start Assist or HSA.

@OP: Go for the manual. I commute in dense traffic every morning and don't regret the 6 speed one bit.
First off I have NEVER owned an automatic transmission vehicle.

Those that complain about the hill start assist just don't know how to use it. I hated it at first, kept stalling the car because i wasn't used to it. There's just something about it that screwed my brain up (probably my muscle memory) because there was no sense of urgency in releasing the clutch after letting off the brakes.

BUT once I figured out how use it I quit stalling the car and don't burn my clutch at all on hills.

Bottom line, get the Manual tranny. You'll never regret it.
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