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I like the direction we were headed. Big ass motors, 600 + hp ZR1s, affordable muscle cars....

If groups keep getting together and convincing the govt to make gas more expensive, CAFE's through the roof... we are going to wind up with pussified V6 Corvettes, that run on 3 cylinders and turn off at stop lights.

If that is what you want, buy a Prius or a Volt. But I'd prefer to have the vehicles I want still available, and not others opinions forced into my garage.

Modern cars are incredibly efficient. There are next to no tailpipe emissions, plenty of available fuel... muscle cars are a small percent of the equation that should be left alone.

If you want to see real polution and ineffeciency in the world, go over the China or India. It puts our little high hp muscle cars into perspective when your see and taste their air. Driving a 620 hp ZR1 around over in China would actually be cleaning the air.
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