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Shno's House of Z

Just a simple thread for you to come in and say "Hi Shnomac. How's it going. I hope you are doing ok and wanting a Z28 is killing you over there."

Maybe chit chat about how cool it will be if they announce it and that kind of stuff.

Shouldn't preclude you from starting a separate thread, "If GM does a Z28 should the badge be on the grill or on the fender?" or "I hope OnStar can't read the difference between the front tire revolutions and the back tire revolutions cuz then they'd know I was doing burn outs" or "Do you think they should offer door glass delete to save mass? A race car doesn't have side windows"

But mostly because I personally give Shnomac such a hard time and create so much stress in his life about the Z28 that I just wanted to create a place where he can come be among lots of friends to get him through this tough time.

So Shno's House of Z, OPEN For Business.

What'll you have tonight, sir?
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