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Originally Posted by Wild Thing View Post
The E brake is seperate from the regular brakes it does not touch the roter, thus when after hard braking useing the E Brake instead of regular brakes just to hold the car from rolling will keep the pads off the rotor letting them cool equally instead of staying hot under the pads when stopped after hard braking which may or may not cause distortion.
This is exactly the reason they gave me for using the e/parking brake.

I am surprised to have this issue though as I don't drive this car hard and I don't brake any harder than I ever have in any other vehicle I've owned. I've never had to slam on my brakes for any reason but sometimes there's just not enough time to gear down. Even coming down from highway speeds, the car slows enough on its own without needing the brakes or just limited use. I know my ABS has kicked in a few times, but that's due to snow/ice, not speed.
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