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Yep, registered for a short time, but I have lurked since last January. I saw where you suggested that people lurk for six months, and after registering wait another three. I have to say that your idea is unrealistic. If you feel strongly about it, maybe petition the admin about it. Otherwise, I would suggest that sort of policy to be a bit overzealous. After all, you can have someone go through that process, and still be an ass.

As far as your other point about some other dealer not honoring discounts. Great. and that has what to do w/ me, exactly? It's fine to be skeptical. Going into dealer threads and asking if we are still over MSRP, when Ourisman Rockmont has never done that is not fine.

The rules/respect thread says everyone is to be treated w/ a measure of respect, and to think before posting. It does not say respect everyone except dealers, and it also says nothing about earning respect, and to accept a ltd amount of hazing.

Treat me the same unless you have reason not to, that's fair I think.
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