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I suggested that as a course of action to avoid stepping into S*%t. There have been members banned from here.

You and everyone else can do as you like.

Across North America all last winter and this spring dealers were telling walk in AND long time customers " NOT to believe anything they read on that site."

Now many of those same dealers have arrived here and find it a wonderful source of sales.

The dealers such RPO Z28, Camaro Scotty,Team Lyn and many more have earned the respect of the members here. They contributed and provided information when every scrap of info was devoured like raw meat when there were only 5000 members here.

Police, Fire Fighters, doctors, military may often get respect by affiliation.

It was the owners and general mangers before you that put car dealers in another group.

If course it could be worse could be running for a national office.
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