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Originally Posted by mr_desmo View Post
Is there anybody besides me that would like adm motorsports to built downpipes (test pipes that removes cats) like they do on the v8's????They are the same cats and removing them gives 30whp 30wtq for only 219.99$ which i think besides nitrous kit is the best bang for the buck available 90% of the power of the longtubes, removes 22 pounds , enhance the sound greatly, will get you better gaz mileage etc!!!!
Whos in?

And i dont work for adm, im a simple enthusiast like you all
Would probably give less power than that for the V6, but would still be nice gains.

Honestly though, I'd rather just pick up some high-flow ceramic core cats. The slight gain for test pipe vs. high flow cats is virtually negligible, but that way you aren't spewing rediculous amounts of toxins into the air when the engine goes into lean burn mode.
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