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trouble with Powder

Sturgis is quickly approaching and I needed to have my wheels redone because the UV lights (called the sun) gave my wheels a "yellowish" feel. I took them back to the or wheel guys to get redone. They redid them again and sat them outside... I be dammed if they didnt turn a yellowish again.

After the 2nd time of "whatever these guys were using" I told them to strip the wheels down again "chemically" and give them back to me so I can take my wheels to a different powder coating place to have them made white again.

ZBLUES has another appointment in the shop on the 21st for final mods (or maybe close to final mods) before we head to it looks like I will only have time to make the wheels white (without the blue stripe) before sturgis. I also have to find a new shop to do them because the original shop wants nothing to do with these wheels (even if it is just painting the blue part) at this point.
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