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Originally Posted by togtaker View Post
I have the 1st-2nd shift problem. I took to the dealer, they said shift slower. I called customer service, they told me to shift slower. I called Tremec they said that was GM blowing smoke. I sent a letter. They ordered my parts this week. They have a redesigned synchro, also replacing the blocker ring. Not easy to get them to do it, but you have to start with your dealer and keep moving up the chain until you get high enough for them to fix the problem.
All of the discussions are stating the same problem I am having. I have 1600 on the car and the shifts from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 SUCK!!! My other car, a daily driver is as 5 speed stick and I have 145K on it. I definately know how to drive a stick and this trans is NOT right. I will follow your lead and go for the upgraded trans. THANKS FOR THE INTEL!!

BTW...I don't know about it in other states, but here in California if you don't SIGN the authorization to have the work performed or give verbal consent over the phone, it is ON THEM! They also have to fix the problem within the cost of the written estimate and nothing over 10% of that. In California you call the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR), that usually gets the dealers attention real quick.

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