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Rear wheel offset

I'm trying to buy a set of winter wheels/tires for my SS. The problem here is that I'm out of the country at the moment. I have to buy everything and get them mounted without being able to make sure things turn out right. In a couple of months the car will be shipped to Germany. Once it gets there it'll be inspected. If the wheels extend out beyond the fender by any amount it'll fail. So the big question is can I get 10 inch rims on the car without this happening? Is there anyone here willing to set a straight edge or piece of plywood up against a Foose Lgend or an AM Torque thrust M?

From what I've gethered from searching around the AM Torque has a 34mm offset and the Foose has a 40. The stock wheel has a 40mm also? I believe the AMs will stickout too much but the Foose wheels are a possibility.

Thanks in advance
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