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Originally Posted by Behic2320 View Post
Haha appreciate it tommy and yea man I'm pretty stoked to get them on the whole body kit part will be done which will be nice and yea man get back to me when you can no rush haha

On another note I got together with all the guys at the meet today and it was really cool meeting everyone, it's a great group of guys but I hear you don't show up that much anymore haha when are you and I going to get some picks of these badass white and black camaros together hahaha
Haha, yeah, it's tough because I either work, or my car is down getting worked on. Today is one of those days where I have holes all over my car just because there is no spoiler, roof XM antenna, etc. Soon enough, we'll get everyone together and take pics! It'll kick some ass too, I'll tell you that.
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