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tail lights for u
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Hey guys, new to the forum, loving all the great info here. Not new to Camaro's, so far i've had gen's 2,3,4, and now finally 5. Just sold my 72 hopefully i'll be picking up a first gen once i get my next change of station next year. I picked up this 2ss/rs a few weeks ago, hopefully getting exhaust in the next few weeks... we'll see how long i can leave this one as is, i love it so far but a nice lil HSW 150hp N2O system like i ran on my street/strip 94 would be a blast. I'd love to do a s/c but it is just so pricey for the hp gains, for now...

Hoping to make some meets, i live up by San Ramon, but about to head out of country for a while, anywayz on to the good stuff...

So you think one of these turbos will fit under the hood? lol

The new

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