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Originally Posted by garagelogic View Post
No hate going on here. Like I said, that's a great time but its disingenuous to represent the car as "stock" when we all know it's not. But then again, you're old school, so you may consider the modifications you've made to the car well within the "stock" category.

As for racing, sure, let me complete a few bolt ons on my car and we can plan to hit them up sometime. Just be sure you have the BIG shot on yours, you'll need all of it.
What do you consider ( stock ) ? How bout my nhra stocker 71 chevelle 365 hp stock compression 8.5 , cam lift .461 , stock heads and valves , cast iron intake , and a quadrajet . It runs 10.81 at 122. Mines stock to!!! You spend a lot of time on this site you must be jealous of these chevys our just WANT ONE . Back to the subject great numbers in the STOCK camaro with a few bolt ons .
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