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I am going to recomend the TVS2300 for you because of price, availability, reliability, and ease of use. I also believe it will be capable of meeting your performance goals. None of the blowers you have listed would disappoint thought. Here are the answers to your questions that I feel comfortable answering:

First does the AFM on the L99 have to be turned off? If the AFM needs to be turned off, do the AFM lifters need to be swaped out?
You can keep your AFM in the car but if it is in your budget I do recomend you have it deleted and replace the lifters as they are the weakest link in your motor. Thats not to say you might not get 200,000 problem free miles from them, its just comforting to know your valvetrain is safe.

I like the superchargers that go on the top of the motor mostly for the look like the Magnuson TVS2300. Is that Maggie for short ? (you never know!!)
Yes same thing.

From what I understand the ones that bolt on like alternators like procharger and vortec claim to get more power because they can run intercoolers or because the run coolerGive me the pros and cons of both types of systems.
They are capable of producing more power but if you prefer the top mount blowers and don't need the extra power capacity than go with what you like. Procharger and Vortec are centrical superchargers and they build most of there boost in the upper RPMs

Does GM honor the factory warantees with the the Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Street Legal Kit For Camaro ?
No, you will have to say good-bye to your factory drivetrain warranty in most cases. Gotta pay to play.

Which superchargere is the easiest to maintain? and lasts the longest? So I don't have to mess with it? Set it and forget it !
The Maggie definately meets those criteria better than most.

Which one can use the factory airbox?
Several of the top mounts give you that option.

What is a SAFE bolt on option that won't blow up anything on my car?
All of them in stock form are pretty safe. Its upping the boost that kills things.

What is a SAFE level of boost for the motor, tranny, and rear end?
6-7.5psi is your safe zone. You can run more but the risk goes up.

Will the supercharger be safe for a car with 30K to 60K miles on it?

Which kits require no modifications or the least modifications?
They all require some mods but top mounts are on the lighter end.

Will the stock fuel system need to be modified for my goals?
That will be dependant on your tune and boost levels.

Which will I be able to get parts for the easiest? and for years?
All the big name companys will be no problem.

Can the tranny and the rear end handle it?
As long as you don't start pushing huge power they will be ok. Most people are making 500-550RWHP through the A6 with no issues.

Can I keep the traction control system ??

Can I keep the stock GM tune??
Nope, it has to go bye-bye.

Are they all liquid cooled ??
I don't believe so.

Is the thing noisy ? I'd like a quiet one.
The Maggie and Edelbrock would probably be the quietest.

Who would you purchase from?
All the vendors who spend time posting results, feedback and advice here deserve our consideration first IMVHO.
I hope this helps you sir.
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