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TVS2300 track times & TVS2300 w/traction control "on"


Thanks for all the great answers! If anyone else wants to answer those questions feel free to post your answers ! More info & opinions are welcome.

Some new questions;


What will the car run with a TVS2300 @ 6psi with the Magnuson tune that comes with the unit on a 100% stock 2010 camaro ss?
(more or less, or estimates)

What will that same car do with the TVS2300, CAI, tune, & short headers?
(more or less, or estimates)


What happeneds to a 2010 supercharged camaro ss L99 A6 with 6psi of boost when you floor it with the traction control in the "on" position?

Does is just not go anywhere?

Does it go and then bog down?

Does it go better than stock?

Is it a pain/annoying to drive?


Right now the car has two modes "D" & "S";

Can you have one tune for the "D" mode & one tune for the "S" mode ??

What happends to those two modes after the maggie tune?

What happends to those two modes after any tune?

Do the "D" & "S" modes get lost in the tune?

Which mode does the tune reside?
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