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Originally Posted by Granatelli View Post
Let me start by saying, I am in this to speak freely and I don’t; want to come off as arguementive...with that said –

If you are towing, yes the what you ay is true, you can change the turbo configuration to be “more favorable” for towing however turbo or turbo(s) will make a sh-t pot of heat if you are towing a heavy load at sustained mid to high engine RPMs and that ain’t good. Plan on building a cast iron manifold from the head to the turbo. – I know the turbo is bitchen but it is what it will cost in reliability to the surrounding area that worries me. Like that guy in the other post that built a twin turbo kit and mounted the turbos basically right up against the valve covers.

Respectfully – you are wrong about the diesel manufacturers and why they use turbos. First of all even today many of the biggest and baddest diesel motor that come from Detroit Diesel and Volvo use compound forced induction – turbos over a roots. But more importantly the turbo on a diesel packages better and lives forever. Roots blowers won’t go 1 million plus miles like a turbo will and centrifugals and diesels are an oxy-moron.

Again while I am a huge fan of turbos and we do sell a complete line of turbo kits for the street and real world, it will be hard to beat a huge centrifugal on a gas motor and last time I checked Top fuel still ran blowers – regardless of how much power it takes to drive them the pay-back far and a way exceeds it in that application.

Lastly Pro Mod – Show me 1 turbo car that has been consistent, repeatable, reliable and so on. The fastest guys in Pro Mod with turbos are my friends and / or consult with my friends. I want nothing more than to see a turbo do well in Pro Mod but the blowers still rule – fa-getta-bout Nitrous

Hard to believe the turbo guy is now talking about blowers but hey the fact are the facts – Turbo makes more power lb for lb but that does not always mean they make the most power
You can not compare top fuel or pro mod using a roots to anything.The reason they run them is because the fuel they use cools the air charge so there is no intercooler needed and they are able to run a 15:1 static compression ratio before boost.

Look at the drag radial classes,outlaw 5.0,outlaw 10.5,true 10.5.THE TURBO CARS RULE those classes.
The diesel manufacturers run compound twin turbo set ups not with blowers.
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