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Post My Story on Geting my Dream Car.

I'm 25 years old half middle eastern and half Italian. All my life I was driving 4 cylinder buckets. My friends always laughed at my no power champagne color Nissan Altima. Alot of times I go to the dealerships and see if I could get myself any car that is better then what I have. I didn't have the down payment or the credit to get any car. But I still went to the dealerships. When the Dodge Chargers came out, I knew I have to buy a American Muscle Car. One day few years back I went to the Dodge dealership. They laughed at my Nissan saying "let's get you away from that piece of junk" the sales guy laughing. Then when it was time to do the paper work after the test drive as usual I didn't get approved. Drove off sadden and heartbroken. So I finally saved up some money towards the down payment for a car 13,000 dollars. I always wanted to buy a Dodge Challenger SRT-8 for the longest time. I only feel in love with that car by looking at the pictures and compared it to the Camaro, Which I didn't like at the time. I didn't like the Camaro because it didn't look good to me by looking at the pictures, I never seen a Camaro in person, and I was telling everyone Dodge Challenger looks way better. So I went to Dodge in the following weeks. I saw a Beautiful Black SRT-8, I always wanted my dream car to be black on black like the bat mobile. I went and saw the Sticker price. 52,450. I said to myself I can not offered this even if I put down 13,000. I waited there for a few minutes and a sale guy came up to me. I asked him if I could test drive this. He looked at me and saw all my tattoos and said no, They do pre approve first then they will let me do the test drive. He gave me his card and walked away to help a family looking at Vans. So I went off to the Chevy Dealership to look at cars maybe a truck or Camaro. As I pulled in the Nissan a Chevy sales guys came to my car and asked if I was ready to have my life changed. As I walked to a 2010 Camaro SS Black, I fell in love with her. Saw her beautiful black face, Her beautiful bootie, Her 20 inch rims. Her mean look. I feel in love at first sight, I knew this is my dream car. I looked at the sticker and I saw 37,000. I said to myself I can probley afford her, Even with bad credit. The sales guy told me this is the 2SS model with the extra add on's. I'm a person that doesn't buy anything on the spot, I had to do my research first. When I went home for 3 weeks straight I done my research and I also found out that the Camaro is faster than a Challenger. I told myself why would anyone spent 18,000 dollars more for a slower car. So the next few days I'm getting closer to buy this car, After doing my research I found out the tips and tricks on buying this car at invoice. And here is the tips and tricks I want to share with you guys.

I paid 30,336 for my SS, I put down 13,000 as a down payment. I went for the 1SS trim, don't go for the 2SS, it will cost extra 4-8 g's. Go with the cloth interior, Also when you're ready to buy go to Chevy.Com and Inquire on purchasing the Car. And also do this on the last week of the month. You will have all the dealers call you from your local area, Calling you and emailing you for a test drive. And when they call you make sure they are internet sales person and tell them that another dealership is offering same car at invoice and see if they can match that. Once they say yes, you get the persons contact info, Then you go on the last few days of the month. The things are in your favor are.

1. Buying the car online, You have competition prices, All dealers compete against one another, They all have different owners. You have more purchasing options.

2. Talking to the internet sales person, there commission is different than a commission of a regular walk-up car salesman, If you can get the Director of internet sales, it even better for you, They care about bonus compared to commissions.

3. Go on the last days of the month the dealers will give you the car away almost for free, They need to hit their quota and they can make a 20,000 to 50,000 bonus just of one car they sell that reaches the quota of the month.

I got my black Camaro SS my dream car for 30,360 and everyone says I have a 50-60 thousand dollar car, I tell them no, I spent only 30 thousand and 1 thousand on upgrades. This car changed my life I'm single so the ladies are coming for me in line after another. I also lost weight because of my car, I can't be a fat kid driving a Camaro, aka the BatMobile

Hey if anyone that lives in the bay area and wants to buy a camaro or knows someone that wants to buy one, Email me at Ill refer you guys to the Director of internet Sales. Ill get a free detail everytime I refer anyone.
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