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believe so
Originally Posted by kanys View Post
First off welcome! This was an issue that really bothered me as well. What we have come to conclude is that GM wants to save money since the V6 automatic will eventually be the best-selling Camaro of the 4 engine/tranny combos. Their reasoning is that since most of these buyers will not mod their Camaros to the extent that a LSD is necessary, which is true. Also, the stability/traction control system will take care of most of the problems regarding wheel spin and such. The only time this may not be enough is if you are driving like speed racer in the snow or doing donuts in an ice rink. (lol ok it will be an issue in less severe conditions than that but my point is 99.9% of the time 99.9% of the V6 auto buyers will not need it, and those that do can buy an aftermarket one). Hope that kinda answered your question. If you really want an official answer I suppose you could PM fbodfather . Again I can almost gaurantee you (as I have been assured) that you will not notice the absence of a LSD on your Camaro.
i believe it is only gone on the auto V6
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